Love City’s mission is to simply love our neighbors and community, creating a culture that empowers a movement of loving people as they are.


Our vision is to uplift our neighbors with faith, hope, and love. We achieve this through economic stimulation, educational programs, sports and recreation, and social engagement.

Love everyone

Love to the fullest

Core Values

Honor Everyone

Find the good in all

Build up everyone

Encourage, don't discourage


Love City’s strategic objectives fall into four pillars. These pillars all tie back to our mission and vision of loving our neighbors.

Economic Stimulation

Creating businesses, bringing jobs to the neighborhood, and hiring local will launch our area into a thriving community.

  • Fish Fry: Provides a new prepared food option for the neighborhood and sustainability for the non-profit.

  • 3 Micro-businesses Launched: Provides skills training, jobs and income for our neighbors.


Becoming healthy is the first step toward wholeness. Hyper-local healthcare is the start of building a healthy, whole community.

  • Preventative Screenings: Offered screenings by local health care providers at large events.

  • Friends of Health: Built relationships with local healthcare providers.


Lifting up local public schools as well as supporting private school options brings diversity and strength to the community.

  • Support Local Schools: We’ve built relationships with 3 local schools.

  • Bus Stop: We provide a safe, warm, dry place for students to wait for the bus in the morning along with breakfast snacks.


From education attainment to employment rate, many things can be tied to the availability of quality youth programs.

  • Engaging Programs: We offer multiple after-school programs ranging in topics.

  • Open Gym: Offered daily to youth.

  • Sports Leagues: Allows for long-term relationship building and character development.


Love City founder’s Shawn and Inga Arvin were living in the Crescent Hill neighborhood and felt a tugging at their heart to sell everything they had and move to Portland. When they tried to buy a house that had been boarded up for 20 years, they found out it would only be sold with the community center on the adjacent property. While they weren’t sure at first how it would be used, they took a leap of faith and that’s how it all began.


At the end of the day, we’re just your neighbors with some pretty big living rooms. We offer several programs and times where you can join us for different events. Learn more about the history of each location and how we use them today.

Mackin Building


This youth transformation houses all of our youth programs such as Open Gym, Girl Scouts, and Coding Class.

St. Cecilia


St. Cecilia houses our weekly fish fry, culinary training program, and adult transformation center.

Missional Community Homes


These homes are a place that our team members and neighbors from afar stay while loving on our community.



We believe being a neighbor is living in community with those around you. Community can be found in parks, schools, and community events. Love City has partnered with local schools, community events, and parks to offer programs, support, and community-wide events.

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